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6 Simple Steps For Paternity Testing In New York State.

All DNA tests in New York State follow special guidelines from the New York State Department of Health. Keep reading to learn more.

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1. Purchase the IDENTIGENE Paternity Test.

Find us in the family planning or home testing aisle at CVS, Rite Aid, or Walmart or your local independent pharmacy. Find a store.

2. Get authorization from your doctor or lawyer.

Paternity testing in New York State must be authorized by a physician or attorney licensed in New York.

3. Call IDENTIGENE to make a collection appointment.

IMPORTANT: Your doctor or lawyer can also collect samples for you, which may be less expensive than scheduling a separate collection appointment.

4. Bring your kit and your photo ID to your appointment.

For participants without an ID, the collector can accept a recent, clear photo; the collector may even take a picture at the time of collection. The collector will verify ID and complete a chain-of-custody form for each person.

5. At the appointment, collect samples using simple cheek swabs.

To maintain chain-of-custody, the collector will send all samples and paperwork directly to IDENTIGENE.

6. Get results online in 2 business days.

After samples arrive at the lab, get results online in just 2 days. Get it even faster.

To view your paternity test results, login with your username and password or call us at 1-888-404-4363.

See the instructions that come with the kit.

See & print instructions.

Find answers to paternity questions.

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For immediate assistance with your DNA Paternity Test, please contact our client support office at 888-404-4363. If you have questions about other DNA testing options, such as Avuncular, grandparent, or sibling testing, your may call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM ET, to speak with a DNA consultant.