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  • Turnaround Time Very Fast

    The turn around time was very fast and the results were easy to understand. Everything was done in a professional manner. It’s good to know that everything is confidential and no one else has access to the information that either we provided the company, or the results of the test.
  • Very Easy to Use

    The test was very easy to use and retrieving the results was the same. I would recommend this test to anyone who wants quick and easy access results.
  • The best!!

    I was going back and forth about if I should do an at home DNA test at all and when I finally decided yes, I bought identigene. I took mine, my daughter and my boyfriend DNA. Mailed everything off (I paid for overnight) and my results were ready exactly 2 days after they received it. Some people said it took theirs longer but if you follow the directions carefully like signing your name, paying in advance then it should not take long. It was quick, easy and nobody but me and my boyfriend knew about the test, needless to say…he’s the father, which we kinda knew because our baby looked just like him but we ALL have peace of mind and can move on! Thanks identigene. Also. Identigene cost around $30 plus $129 for lab. I did a money order instead of putting my CC info on the paper. They provide free postage unless you use UPS or FedEx which is what I used.
  • So Helpful!

    Anytime I called they were always polite!! That’s rare to come by anymore. They answered all the questions I had & were very helpful getting the information to me.
  • Fast, Affordable, Accurate 100%

    Many people may be afraid to spend their money on such a product thinking that it is a scam. Well I am here to tell you that it is NOT a scam! Back in 2009, I found out I was pregnant and I knew that there were 2 possibilities. In July of 2009, I bought this item but from Walgreens. I did the swabs on July 21 and received my results on July 29. I had no way of knowing if the results were accurate, but I ended up having to go through the child support office for a LEGAL test anyway and the results were identical. Well here it is January 2013 and I found myself having to buy the test yet again. I didn’t hesitate this time because I already knew for a FACT that the tests were exactly what I expected them to be…ACCURATE. This time, I received that 99.99% test result :-)! I sent my samples in (Priority Mail with USPS) January 4 (Friday) and received my results January 8 (Tuesday). They received my samples on Monday and the test was completed on Monday (without paying for 1 day rush proc3ss)! Thanks Identigene

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