Customer Story: Randy

How did you find out about your daughter? My daughter was searching for me and she said her first attempt she found me, she went to my Facebook page and there was a lot of clues that I was her father. So she told her mother, then her mother started messaging me on Facebook and I started putting it together in my mind, thinking, something’s going on. Me and the mother talked, and then my daughter started talking, and I was ready to go see her and all that type of stuff so I immediately went to, I have two other daughter’s in Georgia I pick them up so they all could meet her. Because from the pictures and the way she looked, plus I remembered her mother you know from back in the days. [Read more…]
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Identigene Gives Best Price for DNA Paternity Test

For over 20 years, Identigene has been in the market as a paternity test distributor for both personal and legal DNA tests. Identigene’s most recent press release informs customer’s on changes in the company’s new pricing for a DNA paternity test. “We are thrilled to offer another first in a long line of pioneering efforts to make DNA testing more affordable and accessible to all everyone,” said Identigene Chief Executive Officer, Douglas Fogg. Identigene recently lowered the lab fee from the previous $129 to $89. The kit is readily available at local Walmart, CVS and Rite-Aid stores and has recently been listed on Amazon.com for the price of $24.99. At an almost 30% price reduction, Identigene offers the best price for a DNA Paternity test. Click here for the official press release.
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Paternity Testing without the Father

There are many reasons that the alleged father may not be available for DNA testing. Whatever the reason, there are ways to determine paternity without the father–specifically family DNA testing. Testing for paternity without the father will require some of the father’s immediate family members such as his parents, siblings, or other known children and as always, it is helpful to include the child’s biological mother in the DNA test as well. You can find out why testing the mother is important here. [Read more…]