Should I Give my Baby a Prenatal DNA Test or Wait? |

Should I Give my Baby a Prenatal DNA Test or Wait?

Paternity testing can already be a nerve-wracking process for all participants involved. This is why it is important for expecting mothers in need of a paternity test to know how a pre-natal test works versus waiting for the child’s birth to get tested. There are two types of prenatal testing (both invasive) that depend on how far along the pregnancy is. [Read more…]

DNA Testing an Overview

When you hear the phrase DNA testing, what else comes to your mind? The answers we get may surprise you. Some may think of paternity testing, another about the crime scene investigation lab or some even about your health. Well, all of those answers are correct. So why are all these called by the same name, but yet they are not the same at all? [Read more…]
Establishing Paternity and Legal Paternity Testing|

Establishing Paternity and Legal Paternity Testing

There are many reasons why you might need a paternity test, but how do you know if you need a legal paternity test? The answer is  a simple and an obvious one. You need a legal paternity test  when you need it for legal reasons–most commonly for establishing paternity for things like child support and child custody. [Read more…]