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Questions About Participant Sample Fraud

We continuously receive inquiries from customers questioning if it’s possible for one participant of paternity testing to switch samples, either with themselves or someone else, or if they could have changed the DNA somehow by eating before collecting DNA. A paternity test can take an emotional toll on some. So let’s address this question one scenario at a time. Mom submits her DNA as the alleged fathers sample for Paternity Testing

True or False Paternity Test Samples

One question we encountered recently was a concerned alleged father who thought maybe the mother of the child could have swabbed herself in his place to force the results to show not excluded, meaning he is considered to be the biological father. In all paternity testing cases our laboratory also includes the amelogenin gene to verify the sex of all participants. This helps to verify the alleged father being tested is male and the mother is female. We can also verify the sex of the child. This means mom could not swab herself and submit her sample as the alleged father without our laboratory experts discovering that. If this does occur we would place the paternity test on hold and contact the participants to ask them to re-swab the correct participants. Another sign that the mother swabbed in the alleged fathers place would be the mother and father would show as identical DNA, which is not possible. This would also be a red flag and cause the paternity testing to come to a stop. Alleged Father Switches his sample with someone else for a Paternity Test Another question I often get asked is whether the alleged father could have switched his own samples with someone else. If you purchase the home DNA collection kit for paternity testing purposes, the results you receive are not court admissible. This is because the laboratory can not verify whose sample they have actually received. If the participants do not collect the samples together and mail them off together, there is always a risk that someone could switch their samples with someone else. If you are in a situation where you doubt the reliability of the other person to be honest about submitting their own sample, we always recommend a legal paternity test collection. This is where all participants go to a third party collection facility to have their DNA collected by a third party. The collector will verify ID and take photos of each participant. The collector then sends the samples to the lab for testing to establish a chain-of-custody to verify samples could not have been tampered with. Eating or Drinking before DNA collection in Paternity Testing One last situation I want to discuss is the question of whether someone can alter their DNA by eating or drinking something before they swab their mouth. The answer is no. You can not alter your DNA with putting anything in your mouth. If you have had a bone marrow transplant recently, that may come into account. Anything like that should be discussed with the facility doing the paternity testing. We do ask that you don’t eat or drink anything for about an hour before collecting the DNA samples, and this is to keep food or anything else off the swabs. Eating or drinking before the collection can cause remnants to get on the swab with the DNA. The worst this will do is create a situation where we can’t get a profile at all. If a profile is obtained, then the food or drink did nothing. If we can’t get a profile we need to recollect samples for the participant for re-testing. The first recollection is always at no charge to the customer here at IDENTIGENE. Do you have situations that you question? Let us know! 1-888-404- GENE.


  1. Shauna Moore says

    Today, my news came of my Avuncular DNA Test with my alleged bio-aunt. The problem I have is my bio-mother did not test with us and now I am left to ask would the test be more accurate if she had tested with us. I am unable to test the alleged father due to him being deceased…..nobody really explained this test to me accept at the lab they said it would be either 0 or 99% with my alleged aunt…I could DNA test a full brother per my bio-mother, or two alleged half sisters…can you bring some insight on this to me…I already made a costly investment and the results are only 15.3% with alleged Aunt. Should I have included my bio-mother for a more accurate result in this Avuncular DNA Test?

    • says

      Hi Shauna,

      Including your biological mother when testing an avuncular would help with the tests conclusion. DNA testing is very accurate, its the probability of a biological relationship that can increase or decrease when including your mother in the testing. I would recommend contacting the laboratory that completed the testing to see if they can include your mother’s DNA and re-calculate for additional cost (Cheaper than starting over).

      With Avuncular testing it’s not likely to get a 99% probability of a biological relationship like you get with paternity testing. Also, you want to make sure the aunt/uncle you test with is a full sibling to the alleged father. Half siblings of the alleged father are a bit to distant to give a definitive answer.

      • jessica says

        I recently took a dna test n it came back o% but hes his twin also the place we went too seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing they only stabbed one cheek can u get enough dna with swabbing one cheek?

        • breanna says

          Hi Jessica,

          If you tested with IDENTIGENE, it is important that you notify us if there is more than one possible father that are closely related. In the case of twins, if they are identical, they will have the same DNA profiles, but if they are fraternal they will different but very similar DNA profiles. In answer to your second question, yes, swabbing one cheek will yield enough DNA to use for testing. It is not necessary to swab both cheeks. If you have more specific questions about your test and you tested with IDENTIGENE, please call us at 1-888-404-4363.

      • Mr holmes says

        Its a off to get identigene my test.results came back negative but same number match on my child dna I refuse take another or not doing business.with identigene company

        • Identigene says

          Hi Mr Holmes,
          We are sorry to hear about your experience with IDENTIGENE. Have in mind, in order to be a “match” ALL number must have a match. Anything more than three mismatches is considered an exclusion. Were you able to witness the sending off of the samples? Know that mistakes can be made intentionally and unintentionally. We cannot verify a sample labeled “John Doe” did in fact come from John Doe. We trust our customer’s integrity to send in the samples they want tested. If you have any more questions on our process or your results, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment.

  2. michelle says

    I got my Dna results and it excluded the accused man as the father. When I was looking at the dates our mouths were swabbed his date was incorrect…is that cause for concern

    • KD says

      Thank you for contacting us. Can you please specify what you mean when you say “the dates our mouths were swabbed his date was incorrect”? Was this a legal collection? Or did you or the alleged father fill out the collection envelopes and send in? You can always contact our customer service department at 888-404-GENE with questions.

  3. mary says

    My spouse and daughter had dna test done.the mother and child went that morning and my husband went that afternoon.we are not sure what really happen that came out to be my husband.does it matter if they test at different times

    • says

      Hello Mary,

      No, it does not matter if they are tested at different times. If they were collected by a third party collector this ensures the samples that are sent to the laboratory are the samples from the correct participants. If they were not collected at a collection facility and collected their own samples and you are not confident with the results, I would recommend doing a legal paternity test which will include having the participants all collected by a third party collector. The collector will collect the samples, verify ID, and take photos in most cases. They ship the samples to the laboratory to establish a chain of custody.

      I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  4. kimberly says

    does it matter if i drink something before the test was done and the gut that might be my dad brush his teeth after he ate?,cause he is not my dad and we look alot alike and his son we look like twins when we were babys

    • KD says

      Hi Kimberly,
      Eating or drinking an hour before swabbing can contaminate the swabs. If that were to happen the lab would not have been able to extract a profile at all. Because they were able to get a profile this indicates there was not contamination and the DNA was just fine. Eating and drinking before swabbing will not change your DNA in any way.

  5. Misty says

    There may be a possibility that my father isn’t my father but that his brother is. We are about to do a dna test what will the test result show if he is indeed my uncle instead of my father?

    • KD says

      Hi Misty,
      Unless your dad’s brother is his identical twin, the DNA paternity test will determine whether or not he is your biological father. If he isn’t your father, you should test your uncle.

  6. KRYSTAL says

    I want to do a dna test on my son but im worried I will get the wrong results b/c the 2possible fathers are brothers but I can only test 1brother. What can I do to get accurate results without paying alot of money? THANKS

    • KD says

      Hi Krystal,
      You can still do a DNA Paternity Test unless the brothers are identical twins. Our recommendations would be for you, child, and alleged father to be tested. When you send in the paperwork for your test, please contact the lab (888-404-GENE) ahead of time and make sure they know the situation (two potential fathers that are brothers). The cost of the test is $30 at a major drugstrore and then an additional $129 lab processing fee. Our results are 100% accurate.

  7. miss blu says

    I recently went through a dna test with my daughter and the alleged father, the results came back close relative match, I know he’s the only one I’d slept with??? So could this mean he sent in a brother or cousin???

  8. david says

    i recently took this test to see if someone was my father. the test came back that he is not. is there anyway this could be wrong or what if he swabbed him mouth incorrectly?

    • KD says

      If the person who swabbed themselves really swabbed themself, then you can feel confident about your results. Swabbing incorrectly (eating, drinking before or not swabbing long enough) would produce inconclusive results and we would alert the customer. Since you received a result, we were able to grab enough DNA off of the swab for the test.

  9. suzie says

    My sons ex-girlfriend does not want him to be the father but agreed to do the test. She claimed she swabed the baby when we were out of the room. I think she swabed herself after she refused to do it again in front of us. I lightly swabed the spoon the baby ate from hoping to get some dna. Possible, or wasting my money?

    • KD says

      Hi Suzie,
      If this is an IDENTIGENE test, our test requires cheek cells. The kit contains three sets of three swabs. Our lab will be able to detect a double profile (mom’s DNA on same swab as baby). This would result in an inconclusive result and require a retest. I would recommend contacting IDENTIGENE before sending in the swabs and upgrading to a legal test collection. This will increase the cost, however, given your situation of possible paternity fraud, it would be worth it. IDENTIGENE can arrange for a collector to witness the testing. This way, everyone knows the swabs are honest. The collector will also mail the swabs so that noone can tamper with the swabs. Please visit for more information on legal collection.

  10. feelingbetrayed says

    I def want a retest now that i know that my ex boyfriends mother took the swab i swabbed my son with & swabbed his spoon he was eating off of ……. she payed for the test so its in her name but i was wondering how i could do a retest if she doesnt agree to do one. the alleged father has agreed to do it over & is allowing me to do mine & my sons swab with my relatives. so is there any way i can have our retest swabs sent to my house & have the allegeds dads sent to his house?? how do i go about this? we dont want to do a legal test collection. i have agreed to video tape the whole thing & put it into a city mail box……i just refuse to bring my son around them until we retest && get the results back.

    • KD says

      Dear Feelingbetrayed,
      First, swabbing the spoon should not compromise the DNA on your son’s swab, even if food got on the swab. The swabs are designed to grab DNA from the cheek. If you swabbed your son’s cheek, the DNA from his cheek would remain on the swab despite contact with food from a spoon. Have you received a results statement yet from IDENTIGENE? Did it come back with a determination of paternity? Excluded or Not Excluded? Please contact client support with your particular case number. They will be able to look up your case number, results statement and give advice for next steps. The number is 888-404-GENE. I will go ahead and send your email address to them to contact you via email as well.

      Thank you for contacting IDENTIGENE.

  11. wondering says

    is it possible that if a guy wanted to do a DNA test for father and son and instead sent 2 full blood brothers in instead of alleged father and son it would come back a match as father and son instead of brothers?

    • KD says

      Dear Wondering,
      No. The brothers would not match as a paternity. We only calculate for paternity. We do not calculate for any other biological relationship.

  12. jenna says

    Is it possible that you let another person take the paternity test with her and she was bound to prove he wasnt the father and switched the babies swabs with the mothers is there any way you guys are able to tell?

    • KD says

      Jenna, the only way to know a test is 100% honest, is to have Identigene arrange for a 3rd party witness. That person handles the chain of custody paperwork, verifies identification, witnesses the swabs and handles the mailing. We call this a “legal collection”. This type of DNA paternity testing is court admissible. If someone purchases our kit and completes a “peace of mind” test (no formal, appointed witness by Identigene) we can only trust what is documented by the legal parent. We have to trust that each person swabbing is who they say they are and they do not try and manipulate the test in any way. Our test only examines DNA. We wouldn’t be able to tell if “John Doe” swabbed his neighbor but signed the paperwork and said it was his DNA. Same thing with the child. Again, our “Peace of Mind” test (not witnessed) relies on the honesty of the testing participants. A witnessed collection and mailing is the only way someone can be 100% sure that the testing participants are who they say they are and the results weren’t tampered with after swabbing.

  13. Brea says


    • KD says

      Hi Brea,
      Our laboratory follows very strict guidelines set by our accreditations that prevent this from happening. I would recommend if you do not trust the results to have a separate paternity test done with just the alleged father and yourself to ease your uncertainty.

  14. mark simmonds says

    i have taken my ex partner to court to find out if her son is my child her bf has been given permission by the courts to take on responsibility for the dna testing and samples the court suggested a reputable company they use my ex and her partner asked to use im worried if they use a home testing kit the could tamper with the samples either mine or my potential sons by using someone elses is this possible and would it get found out i would appreciate an answer as soon as possible thankyou

    • KD says

      Dear Mark,
      Since the results need to be court admissible, I would recommend using the Identigene home DNA paternity test found at CVS, Walgreens, DuaneReade, USA Drug, RiteAid and Walmart. Please call our customer service department to arrange for a legal collection so that the samples are witnessed, proper identity is confirmed, chain of custody forms are completed and the collector mails the samples. You are valid in worrying about samples being tampered with if the collection is not witnessed by a third party. If you have questions, please contact client support at 888-404-4363. Thanks.

  15. tiona says

    If you take a dna home kit test, and you have a son, but his dna came back as female. Is it possible that the test was tampered with?

    • KD says

      Dear Tiona,
      Yes, it is possible, but it would happen before it arrived at the lab. A person could try and alter the results by swabbing someone of another gender instead of who was identified on the paperwork. When this happens we place the case on hold and recollect samples.

  16. Renae says

    Well I took this test and it stated my son’s father wasn’t the father when I was only wit home and I had my boyfriend tak a text as well bc him n I wasn’t together no were around the time I got pregnant cld it b possible if my boyfriend mother switch swabs out wit my sons swab bc my baby daddy n I were devistated bc he n I new we weren’t with anyone else during thur time I got pregnant please help me

    • KD says

      If the test wasn’t witnessed by you or a third party, it is possible that fraud could be involved. We would recommend that you retest with a legal collection, one that will be upheld in court and witnessed. You can arrange for a test through our client support office. The number is 888-404-4363. They will work out a processing charge for you, taking in consideration you have already done a home test with us.

  17. Angela Hall says

    Can having lots of dental work, and shaving of the bone of where back tooth extracted,and having the gum packed effect the result of a dna swab test.

    • KD says

      Dear Angela,
      No. Dental work will not affect DNA. The buccal swab included in our kit takes cells from a person’s cheek. DNA is your unique genetic make-up. Dental work will not alter your blood. Hope this helps.

  18. says

    My question is if i sent both mine and the childs dna samples off together, is there still away my samples could’ve been switched by accident?

    • KD says

      Dear Dewayne,
      Did you follow package instructions and place each participants swabs in their own envelope and seal them? Usually when a participant swabs him/herself, they don’t move on to the next participant’s swabbing until one is entirely complete (3 swabs placed in one collection envelope, sealed and participant information complete on the front side of the envelope). This omits the chance for user error. If you have concerns about your collection process, please contact our client support staff at 888-404-4363. Best and thanks for contacting Identigene.

  19. barbara says

    if i done a dna test with my uncle which is my grandpas brother could it come back a false positive because we are kin.. there is a possibilty he is my dad?

    • KD says

      I would advise that you contact client support at 888-404-4363 to discuss your case #. If I understand your comment, you are asking if your great-uncle could be your dad. The paternity test would determine whether or not the alleged father swabbed is your biological father based on submitted DNA. Because he is your grandpa’s brother shouldn’t matter. Again, I would advise you speak with client support. Thank you for contacting Identigene.

  20. says

    hi ive dun a dna test with u b4 n the test came backhat the lad we tested wasnt my childs father! but my childs the image of him youd think they wer twins when they are together. how is this possible?

    • KD says

      LouLou, I would suggest you contact Identigene client support at 1-888-404-4363 to speak with a client support representative. Identigene stands by their results and if they concluded he was not the father, than the DNA submitted didn’t match at enough places for us to determine biological paternity. If you think that there is a possibility of participant dishonesty, meaning the alleged father didn’t really swab himself but swabbed someone else to alter the outcome of the DNA paternity test, then Identigene would recommend a legal collection where the collection is witnessed and the identities of each participant are verified and documented. Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thank you.

  21. unknown says

    i believe that my friends identigene test was messed up in the lab process because it is 100% impossible for him ot be the father of a child that is not his. when you sent back your results it said that he was the father which studies shown have found to be biologically untrue due to the information given. here is the story;

    • KD says

      Dear Concerned,
      I am sorry that you are doubting your friend’s test results. This case seems to come down to the two people intimately involved as well as trust and honesty. We stand by our results being 100% accurate. Your friend is welcome to test with another DNA paternity test company but we would recommend upgrading the test to a legal collection where the identification is verified as well as the entire process is witnessed and the collector mails the samples to the lab. This takes all question out of the testing. Identigene can perform a legal collection if your friend and the mother agree to a retest. However, Identigene will not perform the test for free. They would have to pay the legal collection and lab processing fees.

      For a test to come back positive, it means that the DNA of the alleged father matched the child’s DNA. If the test from start to finish (opening the kit to mailing the envelopes) wasn’t witnessed by the alleged father, it is possible that the mother knowingly swabbed the true biological father and switched the swabs at the time of sealing the envelope. There have been cases of paternity fraud where mothers “pick” who is they want to be the child’s father, regardless of DNA, and manipulate the samples for the peace of mind test.

      The only way to confirm would be to complete a legal DNA test. This takes all possibilities of fraud out of the equation because a collector conducts the testing and mails the samples to our lab.

      Best to you and thank you for contacting Identigene.

  22. concerned says

    I believe that my friends identigene test was messed up in the lab process because it is 100% impossible for him ot be the father of a child that is not his. when you sent back your results it said that he was the father which studies shown have found to be biologically untrue due to the information given. here is what happened.
    intercourse took place once mid february with protection and the mother told him that she was pregnant after that he had nothing to do with her. it turned out that she was actually pregnant in june when he was no where near or around her. and she just had the baby in april. how could he possibly be the father like your results said if he has proof that nowhere near here in june and he has proof of it by family and friends? was the test misdone or did something go wrong in the lab? also his test results were turned back in extrememly late saying he was the father which is false because during the time of pregnancy he was not near her and she pretended to be pregnant in februaury to break him and his girlfriend up and when she really did get pregnant she strung him along because he was already involved in her lies. could you resubmit for free? because those results were completely off and makes others not want to deal with the product at all due to falsitivity.

  23. amy says

    When doing a dna test. Is it allowed for the father to do the test before the date set prior to the dna testing date.

    • KD says

      Are you referring to a legal collection from IDENTIGENE or your state government? For a peace of mind test by IDENTIGENE, there aren’t any set dates. It is a home convenience DNA Paternity Test. If we set up a legal collection, IDENTIGENE will arrange collection times/places for each of the participants and a collector will witness the tests. Please let us know so that we can try and help you. You can call us at 1-888-404-4363

  24. Just Wondering says

    Question: If during the DNA collection process your son was tested when in fact it should have been collected from your daughter, would that in anyway change the results of the test????

    • KD says

      Dear Just Wondering,
      Are you trying to find out the paternity of your daughter? If so, yes, we need the daughter’s DNA to compare with the alleged father’s DNA. Also, whoever is listed on the specimen envelope should be who is swabbed. IDENTIGENE trusts each participant is who they say they are when we run the test. If you have further questions, please call client support at 888-404-4363. Thank you.

  25. MICHELLE says

    The allies showed 11 out of 15 matched showing a 0.00 percent chance of my son being my husbands…..but im not in denial something happened here something must have because he was my ONLY sexual partner…..Im not in denial im serious. My other son showed up 99.999% I dont understand….So we just sent another test in this time I swabbed my mouth as well……what could be happening?

    • KD says


      Have you contacted our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363? They are open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST M-F. Our recommendation would be to make sure that you follow the instructions carefully, witness the swabbing of each participant and follow the swabs to the mailing facility to ensure honesty. After you have done this, you can feel certain the results will yield an accurate answer. Social Media (DNA Testing Blog Staff) does not have access to your results. We recommend calling client support to discuss your case further. Thank you!

  26. me mi says

    I know I slept with 2 men , they both came back not the father …I was around 98% sure it was one and no then the other and no …ok REALLY ???? now the thing is the one I really was sure , well his parents are first cousins …. can that compromise the DNA test ???? oh please help me because nothing I mean nothing is making sense right now !!!!!!

    • breanna says

      Thank you for your question. Having a first cousin relationship will not compromise the DNA paternity test, as each person’s DNA profile is different, with the exception of identical twins. Our first question in a situation like yours is whether or not you witnessed the alleged fathers swab themselves and the child. Did you see them seal the envelope and did you take the envelope to the post office yourself immediately after the collection? Our test analyzes the DNA provided by the participants. A home DNA test relies on each participant to provide their DNA. It also trusts that once the swabs are enclosed in the mailing envelope, they are not tampered with by any other party. Our best advice is to contact us and to arrange for a legal collection at 1-888-404-4363. During a legal collection, an IDENTIGENE collector verifies identities of participants, witnesses the swabbing and mails the specimens to the labortory, this eliminates any chance of participant fraud or dishonesty.
      If you have any other questions or concerns, we would be happy to assist you. Please contact our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. Thanks!

  27. Patrick says

    I stumbled across your website while looking for answers to a question that somewhat baffles me about DNA test. I am writing in the hope that you can clarify something for me or perhaps point me in the right direction towards finding an answer.

    Essentially, I met and lived with a wonderful woman 28 years ago. She left quite suddenly and I later discovered that she was pregnant. I looked for her and the child for nearly 27 years. Several months ago, I found them. She had a son. She initially told me that he was not mine but the three of us agreed to get a DNA test for paternity. Two days before we got the result, she told me that she had lied to me and the child was mine and that she lied because she was married and her husband didnt know but that since we had done the test it was going to come out anyway.

    On a Tuesday night the DNA testing lab in San Antonio told me verbally (i understand that they are not supposed to) that the test showed that he was my son.

    The next day (Wednesday) the lab called me and told me they were having difficulty extracting my DNA from from swab that was provided to them by Quest Laboratories in Pittsburgh. Two swabs were provided to them and the kit was sent from San Antonio to Pittsburgh and back to San Antonio via fed ex. They also told me that had a “mutant finding” which was most likely because they could not get enough of my DNA. They also said that they were going to run the test again that night.

    The following morning at 9am, they provided me with a computerized output that showed I was not the father. Sounds all very Jerry Springerish, but I assure you this is how it happened.

    My question to you is does sound viable? is it possible to go from a verbal positive to a paper negative without some questionable act having occurred somewhere during the process?

    On a further note, the mother believes wholeheartedly that the results are wrong. Even though she is still married to the man who raised the child. They are all still a family and therefore have no basis or agenda to lie and tell me he is mine.

    Based on what I’ve said, can you offer any insight to me?

    • breanna says

      Hi Patrick,

      In the IDENTIGENE lab, results can only come back as one of the following: Yes(not excluded), No (excluded) or Inconclusive. Inconclusive means that no conclusion can be reached regarding your test, due to one or more possible reasons.

      We apologize, but because you tested with another company, we are unable to help you interpret your results. Have you tried contacting the lab/s who processed and tested your samples? They may be able to give further details on what happened or clarify your testing situation. It is important that you test with an accredited lab so that you are sure your results are accurate. As an highly accredited lab, we would be happy to help you with testing. Please call our client support line at 888-404-4363 if you would like to set up a paternity test. Thank you!

  28. Tj says

    My 1 year old was swabbed and was hiding a piece of roast beef from hours before in his cheek (it was extracted with the collection swab). Would this have an effect on results?

    • breanna says

      Hello TJ,
      It is important the participants do not eat, drink, brush teeth, or smoke for at least one hour before the test. In your case, there is a possibility that the samples could be contaminated with food, drink, blood or even from smoking, but we will be able to detect any contamination once the testing begins. The DNA itself cannot be changed by contamination, so if the samples are not contaminated by food, the lab will be able to process the testing and produce an accurate result.

      In the event that the samples are contaminated, we will contact you and will send a free recollection kit in the mail. I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you have any more questions and I will be more than happy to help.

  29. natasia says

    I know we have to follow instructions carefully but what happens if the alleged father is swabbed for both himself and child? Does it show up as a match or how would we know of this error of simply not being careful and paying attention?

    • breanna says

      Hi Natasia,

      If the father’s samples were sent in as both the father and child samples, we would detect that the DNA profiles came from the same person–we would not interpret it as a positive paternity test. In this case, we would contact you for re-collection. Unfortunately, recollection extends the length of the process because we will need to send out new swabs for the child and then you will need to send them back in. If you are concerned that this has happened, we recommend contacting our friendly customer support staff and inform them so they are able to expedite the process and get the new sample swabs to you faster. 1-888-404-4363. Hope this helps!

  30. kristen says

    If I use an at home DNA test and swap my dna for the possible fathers would it come up that he is the father? Because I used my dna?

    • breanna says

      Hi Kristen,

      No, he would not come up as the father. We check each sample for gender. Our lab will detect if the mother used the father’s swabs. Hope this answers your question.

    • breanna says

      Hi Brandon,

      No, Listerine will not affect DNA test results. There is a possibility that it may inhibit our labs ability to extract DNA from the sample, but if your test results were released, this means that we were able to extract enough DNA for testing. If however, we aren’t able to gather enough DNA due to contamination from things like Listerine or food or drink, we contact the participant about recollecting the sample. If you have any further questions, please contact our friendly client support at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  31. Nichole says

    Can the test results say there is zero percent he is not the father be wrong because the mother wasn’t tested with them and the child inheirted most of their genes from the mother??

    • breanna says

      Hi Nichole,

      No, if the probability of relationship is zero percent, he is not the father, even if the mother was not tested. If we are unable to come to a conclusion to if he is or is not the father, you would have received an “inconclusive” result. This simply means we were unable to get solid results to if he was or was not the father. A zero probability of paternity means the father’s DNA did not match the child’s at most locations on the DNA. All humans have some similar DNA, so the two probably had some matches, but this does not mean he is the father. In addition to your question about the child inheriting most of his DNA from his father, the child inherits half of his or her genes from her father and half from her mother. If you have more questions about your specific test, please call IDENTIGENE at 1-888-404-4363, and they would be happy to explain your results further. Thank you!

  32. Lisa says

    If the alleged father doesn’t want to take the test but his mother is willing to would take the test. Would the results still come out the same

    • breanna says

      IDENTIGNE’s in-store, retail kit is for paternity determining only. Without the father’s DNA, we cannot establish paternity in a paternity test. This means if the mother and the child swabbed in a paternity test, we would contact the participants to collect from the father. If the father was unwilling to test however, you could call IDENTIGENE at 1-888-404-4363, to set up a family reconstruction test. In this test, the mother, child and member/s of the father’s family test to determine a relationship.

  33. Tasha says

    I wanted to know do the dna results reads the race and gender of everybody OR just the parents ? Does dna shows if the child a male OR female ?

    • breanna says

      Hi Tasha,

      We test for gender on each participant, so yes it does show if the child is male or female. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  34. Ashley says

    Ok I have a question 5 yrs ago I had a baby I slept with two men, I did the identige test with one of the guys and it came back that he wasn’t the father…. I strongly disagree with the results because the dates don’t match up with the other guy . Also the night before we took the test in the morning he had drank alcohol . Can alcohol give in accurate results??? Or it doesn’t matter ?

    • breanna says

      Hi Ashley,

      Although timing is sometimes a good indication of who the father could be, it’s not always reliable. The results you received from your Identigene paternity test are 100% accurate as long as we received his correct sample to our lab, and not someone else. In regards to your concerns about alcohol contaminating the samples, you need not worry. Any food or drink that is found on the sample simply inhibits the labs ability to extract DNA–it does not change the DNA. If we do find that the contamination doesn’t give us enough DNA for testing, we will contact the participants to recollect the samples. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to ask or you can call us at 1-888-4004-4363. Thank you!

  35. Joanna says

    So I have a case to where my child’s father paid someone else to go antake the DNA for him. I know100% that rhis man is my little girls dad. They tool a picture of this man an ot was not Chris. My ex. Its a little hard to see bc its black an white but you could see our picture juat as clear as day. Also the sigurtures did not match up. I do have a lawyer. I want all 4 parties to go in at once an do the testing together so I can make sure he don’t try an pull this stunt again. An why is cheating on a DNA no against the law? Can my lawyer his lawyer. My self an him with our child take this test togther?
    Thanks Joanna

    • breanna says

      Hi Joanna,

      It sounds as if you had a legal test done, but the alleged father may have found a way out of getting an accurate test if he had someone else go take the test for him. With IDENTIGENE, the collector does receive notification of whose sample is to be collected. The collector will verify that the name we provide them with matches the name on the ID and that the photo on the ID matches the person who is there for testing. Obviously, there are illegal ways people can get around this and to answer your question, it is illegal to cheat on a legal DNA test. We would suggest speaking with your lawyer for further advice and to decide what your best option from here is.

  36. Lola Duncan says

    My mother is deceased, If I have dna results from when I tested my son, which shows my dna on there also and I have my father swab for his dna, could my mothers dna be determined from that?

    • breanna says

      Hi Lola,

      We may be able to help you with what you need. It would be best if we could talk to you to better understand what you need and the best way we can get you that information. Please contact us at 1-888-404-4363. Thanks!

  37. bvanessa says

    My sister in law is wanting to do a home DNA test. She’s wanting to know, for her daughter. If we can swab her daughter herself, and I because she believes my uncle may be her father. We would swab him but last I know he moved out of state an I haven’t spoken with him. So is there anyway I could be the replacement.for him?

    • Identigene says

      Hi BVanessa,

      In order to establish paternity, we will need the alleged father’s DNA or first degree relative (parent or sibling) DNA of the alleged father. We suggest having your sister-in-law contact us and we can help her decide which testing will work best with who is available for testing. Our phone number is 1-888-404-4363 and we are open Monday-Friday ET.

  38. Nikki says

    Hello. My husband got custody of his son from a previous marriage a few years back. When this happened his ex-wife told him that the boy was not his biological son. She suffers from mental illness so no one believed her at the time. Some things have come up and we started wondering if she was telling the truth. We did the dna test on my husband and stepson and I got an email saying the results are inconclusive. Shes not that involved and honestly my husband does not want to involve her so getting a swab from her is not possible. We haven’t gotten the percentage back yet but if we retested is there a chance that anything could change? Thank you.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Nikki,

      If restested, the results would most likely not change. The only reason the results would change would be if the mother could be included like you indicated. When the mother is included, it is highly unlikely that results come back inconclusive, meaning you will usually get a yes or no answer. It sounds as if this is not an option at the time though. One other small possibility is that the DNA collected for the child and the father may have not been a full profile–say the whole DNA profile was not included because enough DNA was not collected. Although this is probably not the case, you could call about the specific case and we could further advise you about the possibility of getting a more conclusive result. Our friendly client support staff would be happy to help you with this. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET at 1-888-404-GENE.

  39. mavis says

    So you can’t just have a father and child take a DNA test and get a yes or no you would get a inconclusive so you must test mom,dad and child in order to get a correct DNA test.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Mavis,
      Good question! We do strongly recommend including a sample from the biological mother because there is a chance the results will come back inconclusive without her, but she is optional. However, we can try to do the testing without her sample included, and we do get results on a regular basis when only testing the alleged father and the child. Testing without the mother does not mean that the results will be inaccurate, there is just that chance of getting an inconclusive.

      I hope this helps in answering you question, you may also contact our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  40. Amber says

    If a DNA test was done in the late 90’s and it was possible that two teenage boys were the father and they were double cousins but only one was tested and it came back that he is the father is there anyway that the other boy could have been the father? Would have the test been inconclusive?? I know this sounds confusing wasn’t sure how to word it.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Amber,
      Thank you for your question! Even with full siblings, the DNA is significantly different. DNA is very unique that way. With cousins, that is enough of a distant relationship that one of them would have been accurately excluded or included. Typically, when a test is inconclusive, it means that the mother’s DNA was needed for testing. Since you received a conclusive result, (a solid yes or no), this was no concern in the testing process. You are always welcome to test the two individuals again if you have doubts of accuracy or honesty during the test. You may also consider a witnessed DNA test, admissible in court. This test is collected, witnessed and sent to our lab by a third party to avoid any tampering. I hope this information is helpful. You can always call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  41. Lory says

    I tested one of the two men for my daughters paternity test. The results came back 99.997% that the man tested was the biological father. So there is absolutely no doubt he is the father. However the other man is taking his own swabs of my daughter and of himself because he can’t believe that he isnt the father. I told him that the other man can not be detested as the real father. What are the chances of him having the same kinda test percentages? And is there a way that he can cheat to make her test match his DNA?

    • Identigene says

      Hi Lory,
      Thank you for your patience! DNA is very unique and unless you are an identical twin, no two people will obtain the same results together. If he is testing himself, he will obtain different results simply because his DNA is not the same as the first alleged father you tested. If you are certain of the identity of the alleged father you sent in first, meaning you witnessed the collection and sending them in the mail, then you can be assured the results reflect he is considered the biological father. The only way to replicate these DNA results would be for the second man to collect the first alleged father’s DNA and send it in as his own. I hope this information is helpful. If you continue to have any questions please feel free to call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  42. tesfay says

    my question is my brother did DNA in the USA three weeks ago but here in ethiopia the US embassy did not call for DNA testing to muy nephew can you please tell me how long it will take to call him for DNA check and result

    • Identigene says

      Hi Tesfay,
      Did your brother do a paternity test? If so, testing will typically take 2 full business days to obtain paternity test results after the samples arrive in our lab. Do you have a tracking number for your package? You are welcome to check the delivery status of your swabs with your carrier’s tracking services. You are also welcome to call our friendly client support for the status of your case. We do not contact the US Embassy or any other international embassy, it may be in your best interest to contact them if we have already released or sent results. You would need to be listed on the case as well as verify the case password to call in for any details on the case. You can reach us at 1-888-404-4363, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. I hope this information helps. Thank you for your comment!

  43. Cherie says

    My q is … If a grandfathers dna was submitted in place of the fathers dna in a paternity dna test what would the results be ? I am sure as in 10000% sure this man is my sons father yet the dna test devastated & shocked us both with only 7 out of 15 matches therefore he was excluded as our sons father . There is no other alternative . So how could of they tampered with the test ? His dads dna ? It was a home test and his mum is a nurse so I know I’m not crazy to think it was tampered with

    • Identigene says

      HI Cherie,
      I understand the alleged grandfather’s DNA was sent in place of the alleged father’s DNA? Did you pay and set up a Grandparent Test? If you did, typically tampering with samples will include collection dishonesty. If this is a concern for you, we recommend a witnessed-collection test. A third party will collect, witness and send the samples to our lab, leaving no room for tampering of the samples. If you did not set up a Grandparent Test, we cannot differentiate if he was to be tested as a grandfather or father. His samples may have been tested as the alleged father for the child, and was excluded as his father, but it does not necessarily mean he was excluded as his grandfather since we were not testing for that relationship. If you have any more questions please call our client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  44. mark says

    What would happen if you sent both DNA samples from the child would you be able to tell they were the same samples.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your question! If the same samples are sent for the alleged father and child, our lab will be able to identify the samples are the same and ask for a recollection to obtain the correct samples for testing. I hope this information helps. If you have anymore questions please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your patience!

  45. Malissa Bradford says

    Hi. I got a divorce from my ex in 2004. He claims he did an at home paternity test but he says he doesn’t have to show me the results. I’ve always thought he is not my daughter’s father. He’s got custody of her right now and lives in a different state. Will his so called “paternity test” hold up in court or would they order one with witnesses. To this day he still refuses to show me the results. And it’s been ten years now.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Malissa,
      Thank you for your patience! An at-home paternity test will not hold in court. In order for the court to accept a paternity test, it would have to be done through the court-admissible process with a disinterested third party collecting and sending in the samples. If you are the child’s biological mother, you can view the test results as well. However, if you were not originally listed, you would need to fill out a Report Release Form and set up your own password and verify your identity by sending in a copy or image of your ID along with a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Since it has been more than ten years, our records will not show these test results anymore since they expire after ten years. You can always request to take a court-admissible test for any reason necessary and all participants would need to be recollected. I hope this information is helpful, if you have more questions feel free to call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  46. Mercy lopez says

    Hello my fiancé had a paternity test done back in 2006 , I wasn’t in the picture yet until 2009 , he had a one night stand and well he was told he was the father , went to Dr Rommel B Guinto, DC , chiropractic office that also has they say a DNA office, I saw the test results that said he was 99.999% the father but it’s a copy that looks like it was tampered with ? What can we do and he has been paying for this little boy 600.00 a month no court order for almost 9 months and doesn’t see the little boy.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Mercy,
      Thank you for your patience! Was the test done with IDENTIGENE? If so, we would not have the results on file anymore since it was back in 2006. We would have no way to verify the results weren’t tampered with after they were disclosed. You can re-test, since you need it for child support, we recommend testing with a court-admissible test. The court-admissible tests cost $359 and takes 2 full business days for testing. Unfortunately, if the test was done elsewhere, you will have to contact the company for results verification. I hope this information helps. If you have more questions about our test or would like to order a court-admissible test, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  47. jasmine jones says

    Hi we took a DNA in February 2014 and the results were 0% I would like to know if eating or drinking anything before would cause 0% because they favor a lot and I know looks are not everything and the Genetic system numbers are confusing really don’t understand

    • Identigene says

      Hi Jasmine,
      Thank you for your patience! We do recommend that participants do not eat (or chew) anything one hour prior to collection. This may increase the chances of the samples becoming contaminated. Our lab will test for contamination, and if it is found in the DNA samples, we will contact you and ask for a recollection. Our lab will not continue testing if the samples are not clean. If you received a conclusive result, the samples were found to be clean and testing went smoothly. Were you able to witness the collection and sending of the samples for all parties? Have in mind, mistakes can be made intentionally or unintentionally, which is why it is important to be certain the samples received in our lab were the ones you wanted tested. We trust our customer’s to provide the correct samples, we cannot verify that the sample labeled “John Doe” is in fact from, John Doe. I hope this information helps, If you have any more questions or concerns, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  48. Ashton says

    My friend bought an at home paternity test because her boyfriend denies their new born daughter he swabbed his mouth and she swabbed his eight year old daughter mouth instead of the new baby the test can back that he is the father how is that possible

    • Identigene says

      Hi Ashton,
      Thank you for your question. With an at-home paternity test, we cannot verify the DNA samples that are sent to our lab. For example, we cannot know for certain if an envelope labeled “Jane Doe” is in fact a DNA sample from Jan Doe. We trust the integrity of our customers to send in the correct samples. That being said, our results are 100% accurate based on the samples we received. If you know for certain which samples were sent in, the results will reflect those samples with 100% accuracy. I hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  49. Amyiah says

    Is it possible to swab a male child in place of an adult male and the test be positive because the male child is the son of the adult male?

    • Identigene says

      Hi Amyiah,
      Thank you for your patience! I understand you are asking if two samples were sent in belonged to possible child siblings? If so, our lab will check to make sure the DNA matches with the ages of the participants. If the samples do not agree with the ages or gender listed, our lab will request a recollection in order to receive the correct samples for testing. Recollections are free of charge, and we can mail the supplies to the address provided. I hope this helped answer your question. If you have any more questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  50. scared says

    My son ,the father and I took a test but I think I labeled the names wrong on the envelope. Meaning I put the swabbs in the wrong envelope…will that make a difference??

    • Identigene says

      Hi Scared,
      Do you know for a fact whose swabs you may have switched? If so, we recommend you call our client support and inform them of the possible mix-up of samples. At times, our lab may recommend a sample recollection in order to obtain correctly labeled samples. You can let us know at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. There we can discuss the details of the mix-up and what options are available. Thank you for your comment!

    • Identigene says

      Hi Tracy,
      Great question! We do recommend participants not to eat, drink or place anything in their mouths an hour prior to collection because it does increase the chances of a sample becoming contaminated. Seeing it was an hour and half, your sample should be clean. However, our lab will test to make sure the sample is clean and no other DNA profiles are present on the swabs. If our lab does find another profile contaminating the swabs, we will contact you and ask for a recollection in order to obtain a clean sample for the participant. If you do not hear from us or your results are conclusive, our lab verified the samples were clean and continued with testing. I hope this helps answer your question. If you have more questions or concerns, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  51. kay says

    I am so confused. I did 2 different paternity tests with 2 different guys to determine my biological father. The 1st test was not with father #1, but with his brother and siblings since he was unavailable. I look identical to them, and have everything in common with them, but got a 56%. This was not a drug store testing kit either. Dad #2 did a drug store kit with me, and we got 99%, but i look nothing like him, his family, have nothing in common with him, nor any hobbies, talents, anything. I mean, i literally have NO features of him whatsoever. All of my features are not my moms, but those that i did not get from her, do not match dad #2, but match dad #1 ‘s features. I do not know what test to believe. I know science is science, but its hard to not believe my eyes either.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Kay,
      Did you test with IDENTIGENE for either of your tests? If not, is the laboratory you tested with accredited?
      While we cannot speak for other companies, we can inform you of the tests we offer at IDENTIGENE. We offer both a court-admissible and at-home test. The court admissible test is witnessed, collected and sent to our lab by a disinterested third party. The test will cost you $359 for the court-admissible results. The at-home test is all done by you. We recommend you witness the collection process in order to ensure the lab receives the correct sample. This test is $129 + kit.

      While physical features can be an indicator of relationship, it is not accurate to rely ONLY on those traits. DNA is the most accurate way we have to establish a biological relationship. At IDENTIGENE, you can purchase one of our kits and send in DNA samples for both alleged fathers in the same kit for an additional participant fee of $89. If you would like to re-test, whether at-home or court-admissible, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  52. star says

    What if the mother just want to do DNA with just her n her baby to make sure that the baby is hers and that they didn’t do a mix up at the hospital

    • Identigene says

      Hi Star,
      IDENTIGENE offers maternity testing for any reason to give a peace of mind! The maternity test costs $129 for the lab fee + about $30 for the testing kit. If you have purchased a kit already and collected DNA swabs, please make sure the order form indicates very clearly as a “Maternity Test” that way there will be no confusion with the type of test the lab is to perform. You can also call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET to better assist you with any testing or collection process. Thank you for your patience and comment!

      More info:

  53. mike says

    What if the mother has a boy name and she only wants to test her n her baby for some reason and when you guys see the envelopes you assume its a boy and when you do the test you guys say this is a girl so no way this can be her

    • Identigene says

      Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your patience! Since we receive a significantly higher amount of paternity tests, seeing DNA for 2 females during testing may lead our lab to contact you to ensure we receive the correct samples. I understand the mother wanted to do a maternity test? We recommend the order form is labeled as a “Maternity Test”, typically we only receive paternity tests unless otherwise advised by our customer. We recommend the mother to call and ensure the test performed will be for maternity so the results reflect the outcome of a maternity test. Please call 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

      More Help:

  54. Brian Mcguire says

    What happens if the woman switchs the dna with the childs….. so her sample is now the boys and his sample is the mom….. well Mom and son would still match….. yet father and son will not match because the father is being tested against the mothers dna under the presumption it is the boys dna. ?

    • Identigene says

      Hi Brian,
      Thank you for your patience! Our lab will test for gender, meaning a switch between a son and mother would be discovered. When this happens, we will call the contact for the case in order to obtain the correct samples. A recollection may be necessary, they are free or charge, and supplies will be mailed out to the participants if they are willing to recollect. I hope this information helps. You can always call and advise us of this possible switch if you are certain how the samples were mixed up. You can call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  55. confused says

    Hello.. Just need a couple answers.. My current boyfriend had slept with a girl and believed the condom broke.. This was a year before me. She says the father isn’t his and is someone elses. The courts are doing a test at the end of August to see if the man supposed to be the father is indeed the father..we recently contacted her and asked if it is a possibility if the child might be his. Her response was “I don’t even know anymore” .. She then proceeded to tell him to sing his rights over and get on with his life… She also stated that the child was all she wanted from him. She told her doctor there is only one possible father. If the test between the child is not a match what happens next? Were sick of waiting for her to play mind games. If its not a match for the first guy is she obligated to find out who the real father is? Were trying to have a little one of our own. We don’t want an 18 year old kid on our door step asking for DNA down the road. The mother is not cooperative. What can we do if the first guy tested isn’t the father? Can we submit a DNA test willingly to speed up this process..the sickness in my stomach is haunting me. We would like to know if its not the first mans DNA what happens further? Does she have to tell the courts other men she slept with so more testd can be done or is everything up to her. Please help us.

    • Identigene says

      Hi Confused,
      If the DNA does not match with the first man’s, he is not considered the father and there is nothing IDENTIGENE can do to force participants to provide their DNA. All DNA must be given with consent from the participant. Any DNA samples from minors, must have the consent of their legal guardian. While we cannot force a court-ordered test, we do offer court-admissible testing. The samples are witnessed and collected by a disinterested third party. A court-admissible test is $359 and takes 2 full business days for results to be available. To set-up a court-admissible test, please call 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9MA-6PM ET. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions. Thank you for your comment!

    • Identigene says

      Hi Shamoo39,
      No. Our paternity test will establish whether there is a biological relationship between the alleged father and child by testing 16 markers and gender. Age is not an identifying factor. If you have more questions, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  56. tmoe says

    Hi my ex died before we can take a DNA for my child so I was wonder is it possible to take a DNA test with his other kids or his mother please get back with me I need answers

    • Identigene says

      Hi Tmoe,
      Our condolences for your loss. IDENTIGENE does offer both Grandparent tests as well as Sibling tests. Both of which we recommend to call us to better assess the situation and available participants.
      We can determine relationship of siblings to:

      • Full vs. Half
      • Full vs. unrelated
      • Half vs. unrelated

      It is always best to give us a call so that we can more effectively evaluate your situation before ordering a Sibling DNA Test.

      The Sibling DNA test runs $399, typically take 5 days to complete and we cannot guarantee conclusive results. The test results for siblings will fall into one of four categories: strongly supported (conclusive), somewhat supported, inconclusive or not supported. We do strongly recommend including a sample from the biological mother (both mothers when relevant) because there is a greater chance that the results will come back inconclusive without her. We can try to do the testing without her sample included whenever she is not available, but without her sample it will be highly likely that the results will be inconclusive.

      Grandparent DNA testing with both grandparents offers the “next best thing” to a direct paternity test. With both grandparents, DNA testing can conclusively determine whether a son of the alleged grandparents could be the biological father of a child. Results probabilities for DNA testing with both grandparents are typically 100% (exclusion) or 99.9% (inclusion), but there is a chance that the results will be inconclusive without the biological mother. Grandparent DNA testing with only one grandparent will produce results that fall into one of four categories: strongly supported (conclusive), somewhat supported, inconclusive or not supported. If the biological mother is not available to provide a sample for testing, there is a greater likelihood that the results will be either somewhat supported or inconclusive.

      A test with both Grandparents will be $359 and typically takes 5 days to complete. A test with only one Grandparent will be $399 and takes approximately 5 days to complete depending on the samples.

      I hope this helps answer your question. Please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET so we can better assist your situation. Thank you for your comment!

    • Amanda says

      Hi Middy,
      Our lab will test for contamination on the swabs we receive. If our lab finds more than one profile on the swabs, they will ask for a recollection in order to obtain a clean sample from participants. Our lab will not test with swab that has more than one DNA profile on it. Recollections are free of charge and we will arrange sending out supplies once our lab gets a hold of you. I hope this information helps. If you have more questions or concerns, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment and patience!

  57. Debra Hawkins says

    Woman claims 15 year old daughter is a certain mans child. She swabs said man for dna paternity test and is going to later swab her daughter and send in sample.This takes her two weeks to achieve. ??? Also she doesn’t send a sample for herself. Test comes back saying said man is father. When this man asked for a re-test done because test was done suspiciously he is denied by woman.The man thinks about ways the test could have been faked. Knowing this woman has had time alone with his known 3 year old daughter he wonders if her sample was sent in place of child she claims to be his. He takes samples of his know child,this child’s mother and his self. Not to his surprise this test shows both samples of the child are the same child which is the known child of said man and not the child named by this woman.very sneaky very sad person and i would like to know the legality of this forgery. Can she be prosecuted?

    • Amanda says

      Hi Debra,
      Thank you for your patience! IDENTIGENE offers a court-admissible DNA test for situations where collection honesty may be an issue. With the at-home tests, it is up to the customer to provide the correct samples needed to be tested. The court-admissible test will have a disinterested third party collect the samples as well as send in the DNA to our lab, this way it is witnessed and there is no room for sample switching. Our court-admissible test is offered at a discounted price of $329 if you have already taken an at-home test. The testing time frame will be the same 2 full business days after we receive the samples. If you would like to order a court-admissible DNA Paternity test, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  58. Kimberly says

    I swabbed my son and the possible father I no I did everything correct but I check the spot for son on the sample form and checked the one for alleged father but I didn’t put there names on the forms can the test still give me the results saying weather or not he is the father..

    • Amanda says

      Hi Kimberly,
      Your results will be based on the samples provided to our lab. However, in order to generate a report, we do need names for the samples on the collection envelopes. Please contact our friendly client support for the next step for placing names on samples. Please call 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  59. Elizabeth says

    Hello I slept with 2 different guys around the same time and after my son was born they were both tested but the results came back both excluding them from being the biological father. I do not drink alcohol or take any drugs so of course I was sober and remember who I slept with.. why and how is it that both are excluded Thanks

    • Identigene says

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your patience! Were you able to witness the samples being collected from all the participants? It is important you are certain the correct samples were sent in to our lab. Mistakes can be made both intentionally and unintentionally. Our lab trusts our customers to provide us with the correct samples for testing. For example, we cannot verify a sample labeled “John Doe” is in fact from John Doe. I hope this information helps. If you have anymore questions, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  60. marie says

    Hi i just wanted to know if it’s possible for a dna test to come back wrong if the test were dne months apart? Such as the father being swabbed in January an the child in November??

    • Identigene says

      Hi Marie,
      Great question! Samples are good for up to 6 months after collection. Anything over 6 months of collection will need to be recollected to have a fresh sample. Did you test with IDENTIGENE? If so, and a result was released, our lab found enough DNA to continue testing. If you tested with another lab, you may want to consult with their procedures and guidelines. For more questions or concerns regarding your test results, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  61. karl says

    Hi! I just received mine and fathers dna paternity test and it showed that in 7 places we didn’t match so the answer was that he is not my father. We did paternity test without mother would it change the result? My mother and father were so sure that I am his son! We look the same, talk the same way, walk the same way. Can dna test be wrong? We all are really shocked about the result! Should we test again but this time include mothers dna? Would it change anything?

    • Identigene says

      Hi Karl,
      Was your test a conclusive result? A conclusive result means it was either a solid “yes” or “no.” If you did receive a result higher than 99% or 0%, then your result is a conclusive result. Testing with the mother will only strengthen the result of the test, however not change the result. In the case of an inconclusive result, testing the mother can help attain a conclusive result. I hope this helps answer your question. If you continue to have questions or concerns, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  62. Curious says

    My ex boyfriend did a home DNA test, it said probability 0% but quite a few allies matched and in the PI part there are several numbers and only seven that are 0.00, and eight have numbers. My ex boyfriend’s brother lives with him in which they have different father, is it possible that the test showed probability 0% because he tested his bother instead? It looks like there is some type of relation between the tested individual and my daughter. I wasn’t present at the time of testing, but I was just curious since my ex and his brother have different father is that the reason the paternity test results had so many 0’s.

    • Meisha says

      We always encourage our customers to be present and witness all of the samples being collected, placed in the specimen envelopes, as well as accompanying the samples directly to the mailing facility. This will ensure everyone is secure in the fact that the correct samples were sent off. With personal peace of mind tests we do not have a disinterested third party witness to ensure the correct participants DNA is being sent in to test with. Based on the samples and information we receive to test with the results are 100% accurate. In paternity tests we do not test for any other type of relationship (aunt/uncle, grandparent, etc.).

      If you are not sure that the correct participants DNA was sent in to test with we can recommend having a legal paternity test done. Legal DNA testing requires that all parties go to a designated collection facility so that a Chain of Custody can be established. Chain of Custody is the process used to maintain and document the chronological history of the samples (who has control of the samples at what time). At the collection facility, you will be asked to sign consent papers, designate an address where you want the results sent, and provide personal information such as photo identification. This process prevents anyone from being able to provide incorrect samples.

  63. mari says

    hi,my ex did a paternity test to my daughter with him self and it came 0.00 % ,i think he tamper results with his girlfriend?
    do you guys can know the age of both with the dna before you give the results and if they’re boy and a girl?

    • Leslie Bryant says

      Thank you for contacting Identigene. Unfortunately we are not able to see age with a DNA test, but we are able to conclude if the samples are male or female. We would test the samples provided and report the results. And in this case it sounds like they came back with a 0% result. If in fact, false samples were submitted for the child or the alleged father we would have no way of knowing this and that could account for the 0% result. If you are certain he is the father, we would strongly recommend doing a legal test which would require a non bias 3rd party to collect and verify the samples provided to our lab.

      Legal DNA testing requires that all parties go to a designated collection facility so that a Chain of Custody can be established. Chain of Custody is the process used to maintain and document the chronological history of the samples (who has control of the samples at what time). At the collection facility, you will be asked to sign consent papers, designate an address where you want the results sent, and provide personal information such as photo identification. This process prevents anyone from being able to provide incorrect samples.

      If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us 1-888-404-4363 Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. E.T. and we will be happy to assist you.

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