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Questions About Participant Paternity Fraud

We continuously receive inquiries from customers questioning if it’s possible for one participant of paternity testing to switch samples, either with themselves or someone else, or if they could have changed the DNA somehow by eating before collecting DNA. If this happens to you, it is considered paternity fraud, and it won’t get the accurate results you are looking for. A paternity test can take an emotional toll on some. So let’s address this question one scenario at a time. [Read more…]
Establishing Paternity and Legal Paternity Testing| DNAtesting.com

Establishing Paternity and Legal Paternity Testing

There are many reasons why you might need a paternity test, but how do you know if you need a legal paternity test? The answer is  a simple and an obvious one. You need a legal paternity test  when you need it for legal reasons–most commonly for establishing paternity for things like child support and child custody. [Read more…]
"I got different results from a different lab. How is that possible?" |DNAtesting.com

“I got different results from a different lab. How is that possible?”

Can you relate to this scenario? You have already received your results for a DNA paternity test and, for your own personal reasons, you’ve decided to test again. This time your results were different. Perhaps the only factor that changed is where you tested your samples. You begin to question the accuracy of the lab(s) and the test itself. You sent in the same mother, child and possible father both times, and now you’re questioning the accuracy of the lab and the test. [Read more…]